CEED Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development has been committed to advancing and supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia for more than 20 years.

We deliver innovative programs and services that empower individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.  CEED’s broad mandate encompasses social and economic principles, working towards a vision of a vibrant and entrepreneurial Nova Scotia.

As part of our commitment to encourage a culture that values and celebrates entrepreneurship, CEED works with schools, post-secondary institutions and community groups across Nova Scotia.  Our Entrepreneurship Education team puts innovative entrepreneurship learning directly in the hands of over 2000 youth annually, demonstrating to them the viability of entrepreneurship as a career option. CEED also works with young people in Nova Scotia through our Youth Employability Program and through our award-winning Second Chance program, using experimental learning to help young people explore their potential.

Each year, CEED helps to increase the number of entrepreneurs operating in Nova Scotia, supporting small businesses with training, financing and networking. In addition, we support entrepreneurs of all ages through a 40-week Self Employment Benefits (SEB) program that guides new entrepreneurs from idea generation to launch.

Whether you require entrepreneurship education, training opportunities or financing, CEED can help!

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